Dynamic Massage vs Typical Massage

best-massage-salem-oregonMassage Can Be Boring

Typically what I hear from clients is that when you visit some massage therapists the experience is somewhat passive. If you’re fortunate the therapist may make a brief inquiry as to how you are that day. Then as you’re on the table the work can take on a certain predictability…”A cookie cutter approach.” I have heard.

You have techniques performed upon you. If they’re decently skilled they ask about the pressure and how it feels. They may even be receptive to your comments and make adjustments. At the halfway point you turn over, the process repeated on your other side. At the end of your approximate 50 minutes your hour is up… and there you go…hope for the best results.

Or Massage Can be Exciting


Now let’s take a peek at what I like to refer to as a more dynamic approach to massage therapy. It begins with a truth that I have come to firmly believe, which is, “No one knows your body like you.” So why not have us use that as a strong foundation to build a massage treatment precisely for you; not just once, but every time.

So, you come in, we chat briefly about how you are feeling in your body that day. We play detective together by examining posture, patterns, occupational stress, your pains…their origins and manifestations. We build a valuable rapport.

We take each area one by one, muscle groups layer by layer, however always maintaining awareness of the whole body picture, not just areas in isolation. After all, the body is a magnificent knitted structure. It’s all connected. When we have pain or tension in one area it’s going to have its effect elsewhere in the body. When we are in pain we compensate and move differently, which can and will cause other pains and imbalances to appear.

As we engage each area we add to our partnership  simple communication to find that ideal level of pressure for the desired technique. We fine tune the proper tool- a hand, a forearm, an elbow, whatever may be best. I teach you along the way the different sensations of each, using your feedback as guidance to the magical moment when your body releases tension. I can feel when it takes place, Although more importantly is when you can tell, “Hey that worked.”

With each massage technique, and in each moment, you become more in tune with your body. You ask yourself, “Where are the tensions and pains?” “What do they feel like?” All the while I am inquiring as to what you are feeling in your body. Together we zoom in on the areas of pain and tension, encouraging them to let go.

Another adopted view of mine is that great massage is like a great relationship…It’s all about the communication.

The Massage ‘Dance’

Now don’t get me wrong. This all may sound like a lot of work, a lot of talking, and no relaxation..But ahh, to the contrary. I liken dynamic bodywork to that of a dance.

I gently take the lead guiding here and there…listening with both hands and hearing to what you, the partner, are telling me through your body. Just as the fluid dancers seem to know the exact timing and direction of the others’ movement, so it too becomes as you offer where the pains are, sometimes without saying a word..I, ever intuitively guiding, listening…Tying it all together to assist your body into letting go.

Every treatment gets progressively better and more effective as you become increasingly familiar with my style and touch, and I with the subtleties of your body.

The difference in outcome from typical massage vs. Dynamic Massage is quickly and abundantly clear, often from the very first session.

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