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When a cast of 17 highly talented and diverse theatre performers all come together within one small community theatre, explosively creative things are bound to happen. How could I have known that a
simple 3 week business promotion for Cedarleaf Elite Massage by performing chair massage at Pentacle Theatre in Salem, Oregon on the cast members of the recent rock musical ‘Rent’, could evolve into what I could boldly say was an experience to long remember.

I would actually consider myself more of a massage artist than a typical therapist. Always the consummate professional yet having more of an informal, outside the box approach to massage therapy does keep clients coming back again and again. My sole aim being to make it the best massage treatment you ever had, and create each session as unique as the first.

Now, I enjoy taking on pursuits that will both offer my services to those that can receive the most benefit and thereby appreciate it more, and will provide me with new opportunities and experiences. Up till now I had not been behind the scenes of a musical production before, nor entered into a dressing room during a performance. Needless to say I was in for a real treat as I prepared to immerse myself into what was obviously an electrically charged environment created by passionate on purpose actors and actresses filled with fire and enthusiasm.

In such a small space no bigger than a home living room, with this number of musically gifted young men and women, engaging in all the pre performance processes, it could have been too much for some..
Not me! Having a latent performer hidden somewhere within, I felt like I had just entered a secret den of expressive people just like myself.

So here I am de-stressing the muscles of actors and actresses closely surrounded by others applying makeup, styling hair, getting into character by bringing to light their most animated aspects of personality and full on expression of their character. Watching and listening to them go through vocal
warm-ups, and enjoying the brother/sister type camaraderie that only performers know. Uplifting and acknowledging each other’s inner greatness. All this activity was enough to make anyone high with exhilaration, anticipation, and excitement.

Being a massage therapist provides an inherent joy in that people are always glad to see you and this experience was no exception. I knew I could offer great benefit knowing that these stage performers demanded full use of their bodies along with their voices. Thereby, needing all their muscles to be relaxed yet ready for full engagement.

With each successive visit it became clear these were a group of talented and skilled performers who knew their craft inside and out. They warriored on despite the eventual wearing thin of energy produced by almost daily performances. Learning that only a couple hundred performers across the nation have acted out this production, somehow, though it be on the level of local community theatre, you got the sense that history was somehow being made. I felt it a privilege to come and share my skills and talent with fellow artists.

Now, mind you, all this sense of excitement, passionate drive, laughter..Lots of laughter, energy, fellowship and caring were just what I experienced downstairs behind the curtain. Only when I seized the opportunity to see these gifted young artists from the audience did my eyes open to the magnificence of what they all came together to deliver….And deliver they did!

Sure some may have been put off by the content of the show, however this troupe poured their very hearts into their performances, leaving it all on the stage and showcasing a story of dramatic life situations; gritty, poignant, and powerful. In the most masterful way, never seeming to miss a beat, and with a style and caliber that could equal any Broadway performance. One would never know they had entered a cozy community theatre tucked away in a wooded glen just west of Salem, Oregon.

There are these moments that a massage therapist like me can treasure when I happen upon an opportunity to be of service to a group of individuals that can use my type of attentive work, and then to walk away having been part of an experience that may or may not come again for a long while.

Truly a spectacular production run, and stellar performances by all. Not forgetting the crews that support the cast in their efforts. But then who am I? Just a guy that got to experience what happened behind the scenes, and offer the best service possible to.. as my saying goes:

“Helping you BE the best YOU that you can be”

Thanks everyone. It was a pleasure serving you. Come and see me should you have the need for massage bodywork that always works hard to give performances such as your own.

Mark Cedarleaf
Cedarleaf Elite Massage
“It’s called Elite for a Reason”

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