Trigger Point Therapy

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A diagnosis and treatment for myofascial pain syndrome popularized by a medical doctor named Janet Travell around the 1950’s. She was the first female doctor to be appointed as personal physician to a United States president; that president was John.F. Kennedy.

Myofascial pain syndrome is a term used to describe one of the conditions caused by chronic pain. It is associated with and can be caused by “trigger points”( sensitive, painful areas found between the muscle and connective tissue called fascia).

The therapist locates areas of pain in the body, feeling for nodules located in tight bands of shortened muscle fibers. Gentle pressure is applied, encouraging softening of the area and reducing the pain. One classic sign of an actual trigger point is the way that it refers pain to other muscle groups, besides just the area that pain is manifested.

At an appropriate time following the treatment series the client takes an active role in beginning and maintaining a stretching and strengthening program designed to target the weakened and strained areas in order to keep up good health and stay pain free.

This style of treatment helps to relieve chronic pain, and uncomfortable, unhealthy holding patterns in the body.

The key to good health is the consistent self care following the treatment series.