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Nestled between the Santa Lucia mountains and the Pacific Ocean in Big Sur California, and founded in 1962 by two guys named Michael Murphy and Richard Price is a place called Esalen. The name derives from a local Indian tribe known as Essalen.

It is a mecca for thousands of massage connossieurs each year. Musicians, psychologists, deep thinkers, and artists alike; Esalen has attracted the likes of people such as Judy Collins, Joan Baez, Buckminster Fuller, George Harrison, Joseph Campbell and countless others.

The attraction even 40 years later is their commitment to the “exploration of the human potential”. The Esalen massage trademarked by its long flowing strokes and almost spiritual approaches, has a style all its own.

Esalen is a magnet for many teachers and authors of massage styles who share their knowledge and expertise through ongoing diverse workshops.

If you are lover of massage this is a definite visiting place when in the area.

Esalen style is one of a kind and is highly specialized. One author describes it as
“non verbal, intuitive, and following the flow”.

For 35 years the Esalen Institute has been an incubator for developing techniques that address the mind, body, and spirit.

Esalen massage is ideal for those that want to experience not only deep relaxation, but also a sense of healing and balancing of their body. It leaves you feeling wonderfully changed from the inside out.