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Benefits | benefits of massage therapy in Salem Oregon

Benefits of Massage Therapy in Salem Oregon


There are countless styles of massage, some with origins in the Eastern hemisphere dating back a thousand years or more, others not so old with history from our western world, and equally effective.

There are methods that are a hands on approaches and some that work strictly with the bodys’ energy fields and polarity and may not even physically touch the body, but instead interact with the field of energy that surrounds it. All are amazing, all have their place and purpose. I could not begin to name them all here on my site.

The more I learn about them all the more I want to learn, so my list grows as time goes on.

In life we are all students of one thing or another. Over the course of my 11 plus years of practice my interest and fascination has always been in the magnificence of this beautiful creation called our body, how it functions, its resiliency to healing itself, and how to get the most out of it.

In turn I continually strive to become the best that I can be in order to teach others, so they too may get the best from their health, body and life.

As I learn, I can’t help but integrate my new knowledge, continually improving and perfecting my existing body of work, evolving it, making it better and better. The result being dynamic massage treatment that is not only effective, but a joyful, memorable and satisfying experience to receive.

Styles of Massage Therapy in Salem Oregon

These linked pages include just a few that I have familiarized myself with and integrate in my study and practice.

  1. Trigger Point therapy
  2. Esalen Massage
  3. Sports
  4. Shiatsu
  5. Tui Na
  6. Thai Massage
  7. Swedish