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Massage Education

I attained my education in the healing arts field from the East-West College of Healing Arts in Portland, Oregon. I laid a strong foundation with training in the common Swedish style massage, but also delved into a greater understanding of movement and function of the body through the use of Sports massage and Deep Tissue work. I have been licensed in Oregon since 2001 and have studied and practiced many effective styles of bodywork in order to become well rounded and fulfill my continued educational requirements. I consider myself a perpetual student.

Massage Styles and My Type of Clients

Be it everything from Thai massage and Myofascial Release techniques, to Trigger Point therapy and Shiatsu, I have studied many and mastered some. I have certificates of achievement to numerous to mention here.

The outcome is an eclectic style that is all my own. In the end, it’s not so important what the “style” is. What is important is the ability to connect with you on the deepest level, and to perform massage in a way that helps you understand and embrace your own beautiful body better. It is to guide you on the path of loving, and honoring your body in order to get the most from it in return.

My Clientele tend to be active people who appreciate a deeper style of massage. My approach is rather straightforward-“Warm it up, iron it out, and move it about.” I say. I include a fair amount of stretching to encourage better flexibility. It’s never about torture though as I have heard some tell me they receive when getting deep work. It’s really about partnership to work together and help your body let go of tension, working within the boundaries of what is tolerable, not torturous.

I incorporate Trigger Point therapy to locate and erase areas of pain, and pain referral. A method called myofascial release which helps the body to be less constricted and and break the bonds of unhealthy patterns which lead to pain also.  I add generous doses of education as we go to help raise your awareness as to why the pains are there to begin with, and what you can do to get rid of them altogether.

Many as they search want to see the list of specialties that a therapist performs so they can quickly decide if they are the one, if that may be you…Here is the list of types of massage I do:

  • Swedish or Relaxation Massage
  • Trigger Point Therapy ( to relieve pain)
  • Thai / Yoga massage ( to have better flexibility)
  • Massage to reduce back pain
  • Massage for fibromyalgia ( gentler work)
  • Massage for those with cancer
  • Esalen  massage ( the Cadillac of relaxation massage)
  • Medical Massage for injuries ( to heal quicker)
  • Sports and Deep tissue massage ( for better performance)
  • Massage to help with depression
  • Shiatsu
  • Reflexology

Massage brings Freedom

I have done a lot of things in my life over the years. I have worked in the hospitality industry for fifteen years doing everything from washing dishes to cooking, to being a chef at restaurants and country clubs. I have hauled milk in a tanker truck and felt the slosh and bang like transporting a giant tub of bathwater. I am an entrepreneur working at inventing, developing, and marketing useful products. But only when I decided to become a massage therapist did I find something that felt like a true calling for me.

There is something about meeting a person where they’re at, and helping them get to where they want to go; speaking about their body of course. Partnering with them to help unlock those different areas of pain and restriction and giving the high five when we achieve the results they so desperately want and need. Nothing beats having a body in balance with little or no limitations, and trust me that doesn’t come easy, or on its own. You have to work at it.

I am very active and love doing anything adventurous and athletic. One thing that all my activities have done for me is deepen my appreciation for having a body that has freedom of movement, and that feeling of freedom is what I aim to pass on to my clients.

I learn continually that we are all engaged in sport in one way or another, even if it’s the demanding sport of life itself. Life has daily challenges and we must look for answers beginning from within.

Make Time for Yourself

My purpose is to help you on your path to wellness, by assisting in raising your awareness about your body’s ability to heal itself from within. I aim to combine my active life experiences and deepening understanding of how the body works, and help you regain that sense of body balance and flexibility. I will encourage you to take time, and make time, to care for yourself a little bit more.

We each have only one body and it cares for us in direct response to how well we care for it.

If you choose to become a client you can always count on the best I’ve got every time. I look forward to being of service to you.

I know of no more encouraging act than the unquestionable ability of man
to elevate his life by conscious endeavor
Henry David Thoreau